Monday, March 22, 2010

Wonderful weekend. Also a dream featuring Janet Reid.

It was my birthday on Saturday and it rocked!  I went out Friday night with Becky, Mary, Ami, and Alicia.  We went to dinner and a movie and then ice cream afterwards.  It was such a nice break to be with girlfriends and just laugh and be crazy.  These girls, along with my mom, are also going to be my Phase 2 readers.  Becky, Mary and Mom read my book in November.  I was going to give it to Ami and Alicia, but my first three readers had very similar comments.  I decided to work on a rewrite and then Ami & Alicia could see the new version with fresh eyes, while Becky, Mary, and Mom would have the perspective of the first draft.

I think these women are fantastic readers and I really look forward to their feedback.  As I work through the book this time, I can feel how much better it is.  I think I'm getting close.  But I want it to be as good as I can make it before I start queries, and my readers can help me get there.  They are wonderful friends but aren't afraid to tell me if something sucks.  I love them for that.

Yes, friends, I am KISSING UP!

And who's read "Graceling"?  For serious, go read it.  I want to discuss it on the blog but if only Becky & I have read it, it won't be much of a discussion.

Finally.  Last night I dreamed about Janet Reid.  She is a literary agent with a fantastic blog and the amazingly helpful Query Shark site.  I've never met her (I should be so lucky!), nor do I know what she looks like, but her work has helped me become a better writer and also taken much of the fear out of the query process.  Anyhoo.  Last night I dreamed that she called me on the phone (!!!) and told me that she was doing a conference in Salt Lake this very weekend.  One of the authors she planned to critique had backed out at the last moment.  She was familiar with my work and wanted me to send her a copy of my manuscript right away, and also wanted me to attend the conference.  Of course I was stoked... until I realized that my book is NOT done, and that I couldn't go to Salt Lake this weekend!  Cue panic attack.

If Janet Reid called and personally invited me to attend a conference, I would be there even if it was in Taiwan and I had to sell my leg to make it happen.  Second lesson from this dream?  I need to finish the freakin' book!  :)

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