Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Query Letters

Tonight I managed to cut another 50 words out of Chapter 4, which is my least favorite chapter of the entire book.  There's a lot of important information and relationships to establish, but it's mostly a lot of "BLAH BLAH BLAH".  Major snooze fest.

Also tonight I worked on my query letter.  I'm not finished editing my book, but the query letter is TOUGH and it's going to take time to get it just right.  I don't want to put it off.  I think I made good progress, but it is really hard!  Try taking a 400-page book and condensing it into three paragraphs.  Not as easy as it sounds, dudes.  I want to convey my main character's sometimes sarcastic voice, but also keep it short and professional.  And awesome-sauce, as my 6-year old would say.

On a more exciting note, the Jazz beat Portland tonight!  One more rebound and Millsap would have another double-double, but hey, that's life.  I just love Millsap's aggressive style.  He's been one of my faves since his first season.  Memo had an awesome game and IT'S ABOUT TIME.  He's kind of stayed under the radar this year but they really need his size and his outside shot.  Now if the Jazz can just pound Princess Kobe, I'll be a happy fan.

Maybe that was only exciting for me.


  1. Oh, no no no. It was exciting for me, too! You know how I love me some Memo... (And now my mind is going places not appropriate for work).
    I decided that I needed to comment on something now. Yes, I have been following this and it has not escaped my notice that SOME PEOPLE (yes, I mean you, Ami) have posted multiple times and it was making me look bad so here is my advice. You have been making great progress on the book lately (lots and lots of editing, epi-fannys, etc) and I think it's awesome that you are working on your query letter. But don't stress about it. You will finish it and it will be more than ready to send out. Not perfect, but good enough that you can send it out without too much stress and loss of sleep and lack of focus on everyday things. I am very excited to read it again (especially because of the above mentioned epi-fanny). So hurry up and finish it already, GOSH!!! :) (And I really think you should call it "awesomesauce" in your letter.)

  2. You know, Becky, Ami was definitely making you look bad. Way to step it up.

    I am about 99% sure that if I use the term "awesome-sauce" in my query, it's going to be a best seller.



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